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About Us

In the name of ALLAH the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful.

Urdu Books Audio is an Islamic publisher using different platforms to spread the word of Allah with guidance from Authentic Hadiths, Authentic narrations of Sahaba(R.A), Authentic narrations of Taba’een to the modern day busy Muslim by means of audio.

Urdu Books Audio started in 2017 out of an apparent lack of Islamic Audio material with reference to authentic Hadiths. Our very first project was the audio recording of the book “Tafseer Ibn E Kaseer” , which has been translated from Arabic to Urdu by Maulana Muhammad Junagarhi


The reason for recording books in audio format is:
1. You can listen while: Driving, Working, with your family & while doing any other activity.
2. For individuals who are unable to read for various reasons, this audio format will be very helpful.
3. The last and most important point is people should be enlightened with the correct knowledge of Islam and Implement & practice the Qur’an, Sunnah in their lives.

All our audios are 100% FREE and no hassles of copyrights. So, listen and share as much as you can.

Finally we request the listeners of these audios, if anyone come across any mistake please raise an alert so it can be corrected in future updates, In order to improve it further, we rely on your feedback. Please let us know about your experience, feedback and suggestions.

We pray to Allah with his best names to accept our work. We also pray that the listeners/acquirers of this  authentic knowledge of Quran provided with guidance from Authentic Hadiths of Prophet(s), Authentic narrations of Sahaba(R.A) , Athentic narrations of Taba’een and to practice this throughout our lives.

Lastly, Please remember the team in your valuable DUA’S.